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Events & Fiestas in Pollensa & Alcudia, Majorca

Below are listed all the local events, fiestas and public holidays that we are aware of. Do note that even if we have not yet specified details for the current year, most fiestas take place on the same dates each year.

With regard to the dates for the Summer fiestas, please be aware that we usually do not get confirmation from the tourist office of the dates and program until a few days beforehand.


1-Jan New Year Mallorca Public Holiday
5-Jan Arrival of the Three Kings Pto Alcudia in the harbour at Porta des Moll
6-Jan Feast of Epiphany Mallorca Public Holiday
16-Jan Sant Antoni Abat  Alcudia Sant Antoni is the patron saint of animals. There are bonfires on 16th & a benediction of animals on 17th Jan.
17-Jan Pi de Sant Antoni Pollensa An enormous fir tree is taken through the town, through the church to the main square. See Sant Antoni Fiesta.
20-Jan Sant Sebastia Pollensa Procession featuring the Saint's Standard. See Sant Sebastia fiesta.
7-13-Feb Carnival Mallorca
Pto Pollensa
The Carnival fiestas begin 7th Feb (Dijous Llarder), and will continue until 13th Feb - Ash Wednesday (Dimecres de Cendra) with street parades (known as Rues o Ruetes) and fancy-dress parties all over the island.


1-Mar Balearics Day Mallorca Public Holiday
21-Apr Holy Week 2011

At 18.00h. In Pto. Pollença: Mass
At 19.00h. In Pollença town: Mass
At 21.00h. In Pollença town: Procession 'de la Sangre'
Route: Plaza Mayor > Mercat > Jonquet > Metge Sureda > Sant Jordi > Costa i Llobera > Monti-sion > Lleó > Jesús > Joan Guiraud > Mallorca > Abeurador de Sant Isidre > Roser Vell > Convento > Sant Domingo > Antoni Maura > Plaza Mayor
22-Apr Good Friday 2011PtoP
At 18.00h. In Pto. Pollença: Liturgical Action
At 18.30h. In Pollença town: Liturgical Action
21.00h On Good Friday, the spectacular "Davallament" is held at the Calvari of Pollença: the procession with the image of the dead Jesus descends the Calvari hill down the 365 stone steps, bordered by Yew trees. -
Public Holiday. See Holy Week in Mallorca .
23-Apr Saturday Pto
At 21.30h. In Pto. Pollença
At 22.00h. In Pollença town
24-Apr Easter Sunday PtoP
At 11.00h. In Port de Pollença: Mass
At 11.15h. In Pollença town: Procession "L'ENCONTRADA" and Mass
25-Apr Easter Monday Pollensa Day of the 'Puig de Maria'
At 12.30h Mass at the Puig de Maria
Date TBC Wine Festival 2011Pollensa In the 'cloisters'.


1-May May Day Mallorca Public Holiday
13-Jun Corpus Christi, Ball de les Aguiles Pollensa Procession with traditional dances. See Corpus Christi in Pollenca.
25-29-Jun Feste patronal de Sant Pere Puerto Alcudia Sant Pere patron saint of sailors -Sea-land procession - culminating with firworks on 29th at midnight -other activities in the preceding week - see Alcúdia: Sant Pere, patron saint of the fishermen


2-Jul Romeria a la Verge de la Victoria Alcudia eve before traditional dance & concert followed by mass on actual day and games - see Alcúdia Events
July Festival of Cala San Vicente Cala San Vicente Enquire at Tourist Office for more details.
15-19-Jul Feste de la Verge del Carmen 2009 Pto Pollensa Sea-land procession in honour of the Patron Saint of seafarers and fishermen. See Fiestas de la Verge del Carme.
The Feste de la Verge del Carme takes place on the 16th July. In Puerto Pollensa the festivities including fireworks on the Sunday take place either in the week before or the week after. (In the past we have not received confirmation of the dates or program until only a few days beforehand.)
Wed 15-Jul Feste de la Verge del Carmen 2009 Pto Pollensa 21:00: Welcome to the fiestas.
Antoni Xumet Roselló, La Pell de la Mar, Jaume Compte

Place: Parroquia Nostra Senyora del Carme (the church).
21:00: Exhibition "L'Illa de les Estrelles" (Mallorca from the '60s).
Place: Local de l'Associació de Veins del Port de Pollença (C. Mestral).

Thu 16-Jul Feste de la Verge del Carmen 2009 Pto Pollensa

17:00: Children's games (5-13 year-olds). Place: old school in the church square - Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
20:00: Children's theatre group. Place: The square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).
20:30: Exhibition of embroidery, handicraft. Place: Saló Parroquial.
21:00: Aires d'Andratx. Traditional dance and music. Place: The square (Plaça Miguel Capllonch).

Fri 17-Jul Feste de la Verge del Carmen 2009 Pto Pollensa

16:00: Children's activities. Place: Public swimming pool.
18:30: Bouncy castle and ice-creams for kids. Place: The square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).
22:00: Il Divo. Place: The square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).
(Note: this is not the international group Il Divo, but presumably the Il Divo Simfònic.)

Sat 18-Jul Feste de la Verge del Carmen 2009 Pto Pollensa

20:00: Concert with four music bands - from Sa Pobla, Santa Margalida, Binissalem and Pollensa. Place: The square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).
22:00: Concert with Orquestra Mediterrani. Place: Place: The square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).
22:00: Beach party. Various DJs. Place: La Gola beach.

Sun19-Jul Feste de la Verge del Carmen 2009 Pto Pollensa

18:30: Solemn Mass. Place: The church in Puerto Pollensa's square, followed by sea procession with the images of Saint Peter and the Virgen del Carmen, accompanied by the Pollensa Music Band.

22:30: Batucada (drum samba). Fire run with demons.

24:00: Grand firework display. Place: La Gola beach.

4-Jul - 30 -Aug Festival of Pollensa 2009 Pollensa Music Festival. See Festival de Pollenca .
2 Aug
Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa

Daily festivities in preparation for Moors and Christians 'battle' on 2-Aug. See Fiesta de la Patrona de Pollenca.

 25-Jul  Patrona de Pollensa 2009  Pollensa 18:30: The giants of Mallorca gather. Place: Via Pollentia.

19:00: Procession from the Plaça Major to the Plaça de Ca les Monnares where there is a dance.
21:00: Opening of the exhibition "Le Corbusier a Mallorca". Place: Hall of the Monti-sion college in C. Monti-sion.
22:00: Concert by the a cappella group Cap Pela. Place: Cloister of San Domingo.
Entry: 10 euros. Tickets in advance from Club Formentor, Bar Alhambra and Tienda Tao - Pollensa; Pelta and Viatges Pollença Balear - Puerto Pollensa.
22:00: U Gall Festival of music. Concerts by -
Macaco. Mix of rumba, latin music and electronic.
Anegats. Sort of Mallorcan indie.
La Troba Kung-fú. Eclectic mix of Catalan rumba, blues, boogie-woogie, cumbia (Colombian folk music).
La Vereda. Rock with flamenco influence.
DJs Mateo Vitale, Cacio and Javi Wet.
Place: the football pitch Can Escarrinxo.
Price 22 euros.
Tickets in advance from: http://www.servicaixa.com
Club Formentor

26-Jul Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa

14:00: Pipes and rockets. Procession with bugle band. Place: Monti-sion.
15:00: Championship of the Balearic hunters' society. Place: Camp (field) de tir de Son Vila.
19:00: Children's party for the environment. Place: Plaça de Ca les Monnares.
20:30: Basketball tournament. Place: sports centre.
20:30: Procession with the band of drums and bugles.
21:00: Opening of the seventh meeting of new artists of Pollensa. Place: Club Pollença.
22:00: Address by Ramon Reig Vila "La terra pollencina". Concert by the Pollensa Music Band and then procession. Place: Cloister of Sant Domingo.
23:45: Party with performances by groups Dis'n'Dois, Los Mickis, Avalon. Place: Plaça Major.

27-Jul Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa

17:00: Children's treasure hunt. Then 18:30 ice-cream for kids.
22:00: Outdoor theatre. "No Hi Hara Moros A La Costa". Place: Cloister of San Domingo.
22:15: Traditional Mallorcan party with ball de bot, dance, popular music, pipers ... Place: Plaça Major.
23:45: Party at Ca la Gran Cristiana. Come with a hat!

28-Jul Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa

19:00: Exhibition of synchronised swimming: Place: Public swimming pool.
19:30: Supper, music and market: Place: Jardins (Gardens) Joan March.
20:00: Children's theatre, "El Mirall". Place: Cloister of San Domingo.
22:00: Pollensa celebration. Music and singing with pipers, choirs. Place: Cloister of San Domingo.
22:00: Presentation of book and DVD of the project Escola d'Art Itinerant de l'ONG (non-governmental organisation) Món Actiu. Place: in front of the museum.
23:30: Concert with the orchestra Oasis and Horris Kamoi. Place: Plaça Major.

29-Jul Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa 10:00: Table games till 19:00. Place: Jardins Joan March.
12:00: Tennis tournament till 20:00. Place: sports centre.
20:00: Presentation of Fundació Cors Oberts which works in countries such as Rwanda. Place: Convent de les germanes dels Sagrats Cors.
20:30: Sixties music with the group Yesterday - event for older folk. Place: Cloister of San Domingo.
20:45: "El Repte", evening treasure hunt. Place: Plaça Major.
22:30: Acoustic night. Music, raffle and shows. Place: Plaça Vella.
23:00: Party "Decibels Pollença 2009" with DJs Juan Magan, Victor Magan, Ninoatwork, Spider, Stevan Chaves and Lahox. Place: Football field Can Escarrinxo.
30-Jul Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa

19:00: Races for Patrona 2009. Place: start and finish Plaça Major.
19:30: Marxa fresca "Galas de Tarde". Wear white party for children and teenagers with performance by Marta Ferrer, Pollensa dancers and DJ Toni Llobera. Place: Plaça Vella.
20:00: Football. Place: sports centre.
22:00: Farmworkers ball. Place: Plaça Major.
22:30: Tina Manresa Quartet.
Vocalist Tina Manresa combines Portuguese fado with samba, bossanova and Mediterranean music together with her group - Fernando Rubin (guitar), Pablo Di Salvo (double bass), Jaume Compte (multi-instrumentalist). The concert is a benefit for "Dentistas Sobre Ruedas". Place: Cloister of San Domingo, Pollensa. Price: 7 euros.

31-Jul Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa

20:00: Exhibition of judo, jujitsu and karate. Place: Plaça de Ca les Monnares.
22:00: Pollensa Party 2009. Return to the sixteenth century with the participation of the Pollensa choir, troubadours, Antoni Bisanyes and Equip4Documentals. Place: Cloister of San Domingo.
23:00: Marxa fresca. The white party. Place: Plaça Major.

Sat 1-Aug Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa 09:00: Tennis tournament till 14:00. Place: sports centre.
09:00: Cycle race. Place: Cala San Vicente
20:00: Procession with the drum and bugle band.
20:30: Evening mass. Place: parish church - parròquia.
22:00: "Sarsuela: Canço d'amor i de guerra". Choirs. Place: Cloister of San Domingo.
23:00: Party with DJs Dani Nonato VS Patako, Pako, Norai, Full-Attack, Enigma. Place: Plaça de Ca les Monnares.
23:00: Party with the groups The Doldrums, Show Business, Melon Band, Zona Verde, Defeat Mind. Place: Plaça dels Seglars.
23:00: Party with the groups Pants Breakers, No lo Sabemos, Very Pornelo, Donde Estabas Tu. Place: Plaça Major.
2.-Aug Patrona de Pollensa 2009 Pollensa 05:00: Alborada.Traditional reveille, song and procession. Place: Plaça Major and then streets.

11:00: Grand service. Place: parish church - parròquia.

12:15: Dance. Ball dels Cossiers. Place: Plaça Major.

12:45: Prize-giving. Performance by the Pollensa Music Band. Place: Monti-sion Church.

13:00: Refreshments for everyone. Place: Plaça Vella.

17:00: Procession with bugle and drum band.

18:00: Procession with the image of the Patrona.

19:00: The Moors and the Christians .

21:30: Song of thanksgiving. With the Pollensa Music Band. Place: Plaça Major.

24:00: Grand firework display. Place: Via Pollentia.
15-Aug Ascension Day Mallorca Public Holiday
24-Aug Festival of Chinese Lanterns Alcudia The festivity of the chinese lanterns where the youngest of the town will go through the streets and sing old Majorcan songs carrying their chinese lanterns made of melons.


1-4 Oct  Fira Alcudia 1st week in Oct - trade fairs, arts & crafts. See Alcudia Fair.

 Spanish National Holiday  Mallorca  Public Holiday


1-NovAll Saints' DayMallorcaPublic Holiday
7-10 NovFeria 2008PollensaVarious trade and artisan 'fairs' in Pollensa. See Pollenca Fair.
(Normally on 2nd weekend in Nov)
6-DecConstitution DayMallorcaPublic Holiday (on Mon if date falls on Sunday)
8-DecImmaculate ConceptionMallorcaPublic Holiday
25-DecChristmas DayMallorcaPublic Holiday
Read about Christmas in Mallorca
Listen to the Song of the Sibil
26-Dec St StephenMallorcaPublic Holiday